Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mmm, pie

The Accretionary Wedge #5, Geological Misconceptions and Pie, is up, and my post about the mantle and Pie Town made it in! (Along with a few other mentions about how people dislike the "molten mantle" misconception, as well as some other great posts about diamonds, desserts and 3D geology.)

Compared to some of the other posts out there, my offering is much less technical, but since I'm pretty new at this I can hopefully work my way up to their quality of discourse.

Then again, I'm pretty sure no one else mentioned having visited Pie Town NM on a geology trip, so I've at least got something unique going for me!


Julian said...

I definitely felt kind of lame about being less technical than pretty much all of the other posts. Yours still out-technical'd mine, for certain!

I'm even ranker of a newbie than you are, too, but I'm with you on aspiring to eventually write the quality of discourse of the other posts. Yours included!

MJC Rocks said...

For Julian and Tuff Cookie both, don't feel out-technical'd (I'll try your spelling on that!). Geology has several important aspects: the research that goes on, the teaching that takes place (at all levels), and the introduction of these concepts to the society at large. All of them are critical. If I can make a bold prediction, the geoblogosphere is going to become an important component of our outreach to the society at large, and we will constantly need to remind ourselves that some of our readers won't always be aware of the details of our science. Don't ever be afraid to throw in your two-cents worth. I am enjoying the point of view that both of you offer.

CJR said...

A diversity of voices, approaches and "technicality" is exactly what is needed as the geoblogosphere grows - I often worry that I am sometimes too technical. Hopefully between us we've covered all the bases on the myth of the molten mantle.