Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How many licks DOES it take?

I was reminded by Callan's post about the cake strata t-shirt that Threadless has some cool designs, and went looking for something to spend my money on. Which led to me finding this t-shirt:

"How Many Licks" by Ian Leino

Sort of reminds me of the Dinotopia illustrations. I'm not terribly fond of caramel, though, so I might choose a different core...perhaps taffy, although that could be better suited to mantle material. (And if modern science has finally discovered what happens to all those missing socks, I propose we immediately start mining them. My unmatched sock population is growing at an alarming rate.)

What would you add?


Maria said...

If that's where the unmatched socks are, they're too deep to mine. Also, I'm not sure I would want to wear any sock that had had the pore space squeezed out of it, anyway.

Silver Fox said...

That's a pretty good T-shirt, even if you don't like caramel. I'm wondering how the missing socks got to be so deep. Maybe they are really just below the crust in the upper "filling" layer. What kind of filling would that be? Maybe nuts? If the socks are there, I think eventually we will have the technology to mine that deep - but we might already be on to other planets by then.

Glad there isn't any coconut down there. Not my favorite.

Julian said...

The socks get sucked down there by the dryer. Kind of like an inverse mantle plume. Instead of a hot spot on the surface, you get a whole bunch of socks deeper down.

Someone in my mineralogy class was wearing that shirt the other day, and it cracked me up so hard. Now that I know where he got it, I may have to get one.