Friday, May 2, 2008

Look! I'm famous!

I was recently asked to do a short interview for the blog My Cool Job about being a geologist. Here's the post - hopefully I've done a good job of describing the job to the non-geo-blogosphere! And showing off flow banding in welded ash flow tuffs - that's one of my favorite photos.

(And yes, it uses my real name. Which you can figure out by doing a little digging anyway. I still like Tuff Cookie :)

Update: Looks like that post made it to the front Wordpress page. Woohoo! I'm really famous.


MJC Rocks said...

Nice job! It's a fine name that you use for everyday life, but don't give up your screen name. One of the better puns, and when I was bragging about the academic accomplishments of my soon to be daughter-in-law, I wrote "magma cum laude" before catching myself! Keep up the good work...

Silver Fox said...

Yes, that's an impressive article and description of what a geologist does. And I love your "Tuff Cookie" name; I'd keep using it, goes great with the blog title.

One minor point about writing - many industry geologists write a lot of in-house papers or reports, most of which aren't published, though they still are very much of use, many times into the future through old "libraries" that companies keep or pass on. Sometimes, company reports end up in open-file geological libraries like at the Mackay School of Mines.

I think petroleum company reports often have to be cached in public - state or federal? - files after one to three years.

Funny that we'll all be writing "magma cum laude" - !

Chuck said...

Cool. And don't worry about the van. My boss once told me, "As long as it isn't returned on the back of a truck they can't really complain".

Geology Happens said...

great interview and a nice explanation of what and why we do what we do.

Tuff Cookie said...

Thanks all!

I have the same problem every time I look at my diploma...I'm always thinking that they misspelled it. :)

Fox, I didn't know that about industry geologists; thanks for enlightening me!

Oh, that van. It makes for a good story - and at least I didn't hit a javelina. (That was the professor.)