Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some better tsunami coverage

I know there's been a general feeling of disgust in the geoblogosphere about the coverage of the recent Chilean earthquake and its associated tsunami. Fortunately, a few news channels have managed to get hold of geologists and actually listen to them properly. And hey, if it happens to have been my undergraduate advisor, even better!

This is a clip of my undergrad advisor (Dr. Chuck Bailey of the College of William & Mary) from WAVY News 10, the local NBC station for the Williamsburg/Hampton Roads/Norfolk area of Virginia. 

Nice job, CB! I wish they'd consult geologists more often. Chuck also blogs about what's going on in the Geology Department at William & Mary - have a look or follow the feed!

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Garry Hayes said...

Nice to see some good coverage. Too bad it was a local station, and not one of the national cable networks. Prof. Bailey did a good job explaining about tsunamis and earthquakes, and the reporter seemed to be asking good questions. Thanks for the link!