Monday, August 31, 2009


I don't usually use emoticons for post titles, but today warrents one.

Apparently, everyone at UB had an 8 or 9 AM class today, and they ALL DROVE TO SCHOOL. Meaning parking was gone by 9. Not 10, not 11 - 9 AM. And there were traffic jams. (If you've ever been to Buffalo, you'll know that traffic jams of any sort are usually pretty rare. And by my DC-area standards, Buffalo has practically no bad traffic.) UB is also pretty good with parking space, but it seems that we've acquired a whole bunch of new students who don't live on campus and haven't figured out the bus system yet.

Sheesh. I'd bike in except I'm doing physical therapy for my knees and my therapist has forbidden me to ride that much.


Anonymous said...

If you need to drive in because you have a temporary disability, are you eligible for a tag?

Tuff Cookie said...

Probably not - I wouldn't want to take spaces away from people who really need them, either. I can walk and bike fine for a bit, but prolonged (10-mile round trip) riding is too hard on my knees for now.