Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lodging for GSA

I'm in a bit of a fix - it turns out that most people in my department have friends they are staying with in Portland, and no one is booking hotel rooms. Being Portland-friendless myself, I'm looking at a big hotel bill for renting a room of my own, unless I can find someone willing to share one with me.

Would any geobloggers be up for this? I'll be there Sunday for a short course and probably will be leaving on Wednesday. I'm pretty easy to live with and don't mind waking up early (in case people have talks to prepare for). I'd rather not use the GSA message board if I can stay with someone I know (even if it's through the internets). I'd also prefer a female roommate to avoid awkwardness.

Please contact me through the blog email if you're interested!


Elli said...

We've got a suite with an empty sofa bed--if you don't find a "real" bed, you're welcome to join us.

GeoSociety said...

I would like to invite you (and other geoscience bloggers who are attending the meeting) to add your blog to GSA's blog roll on the Annual Meeting site: http://www.geosociety.org/meetings/2009/Mtg-BlogRoll.asp

Christa Stratton
Director, Communications
Geological Society of America