Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's getting a little nippy out there

Having lived in the mid-Atlantic my entire life, I'm finding it a bit hard to get adjusted to how cold it can get around here sometimes. (If any of you live in Alaska or the Dakotas or Minnesota or other such places, you're allowed to scoff, but I'm sure glad I'm not living where you are!)

For example, here's what I saw when I checked this morning:

Being a good scientist, of course, I switched over to metric:

And, because I've got to have something to amuse myself in my windowless workspace, I checked XKCD's "Guide to converting to metric":

Yep, that's about what I said this morning. I'm hoping we don't get to the "spit goes 'clink'" point.


BrianR said...

Ha ha!

Sorry to laugh ... but I grew up there and went through it. Good times.

Anna said...

hehe I live in Fairbanks, AK and the funny thing is -40F and -40C are the same! And yes its really cold!

gg said...

Oddly, I found the XKCD temperature scale very useful lately, when someone asked how cold it was at altitude for a skydive (it was fuckfuckfuckcold).

Shouldn't you add a few temperatures to the top of the list, like 'temperature while standing on lava' and 'temperature inside caldera'? :)